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177. What to do when staying at home? 8. Living Card Games

Living Card Games (LCGs) are made popular by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG), I believe. Unlike previous Trading Card Games (TCGs) or Collectible Card Games (CCGs) where people buy starter sets and booster packs, and hope to get good cards in the packs, LCGs have fixed sets of cards inside every box. While there are expansions, every module or pack you buy comes with a fixed set, so there is never uncertainty in your purchases.

I used to collect CCGs like Magic: The Gathering (MtG) and Lord of The Rings (LotR). I still play those games.

Today I look at LCGs as a very simple and fixed way to have good card games without relying on an endless flow of funds or luck.

These are what I currently own:

Behind (from left):

Lord of the Rings Base Set, Android Netrunner Base Set

Front (from left):

Legend of the 5 Rings Base Set, Arkham Horror Base Set, A Game of Thrones (2nd Ed) Base Set

Some Details

Lord of the Rings: 1-2 player cooperative

Android Netrunner: 2 player competitive

Legend of the 5 Rings: 2 player competitive

Arkham Horror: 1-2 player cooperative

A Game of Thrones: 2-4 players competitive

* More players will need more Base Sets

My current favourite: Not really an LCG

KeyForge: A 2 player competitive, and unique collectible card game designed by Richard Garfield, the designer of Magic, Netrunner and super many more stuff.

This game is unique for many reasons, some being:

  1. Each deck is bought ready to play, no customisation needed or allowed

  2. Each deck bought is unique, no 2 decks have the same combination of cards or combos;

  3. You win not by life points, but by forging keys via collecting and using a resource called "Æmber".

So if you are into playing cards, and want to play solo or with one other player.... these are superb games to check out and pick up...

Until next week the last week of 2020!!!!



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