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0. The first few months... AML/CFT

For a start, at least, I'll start with the basics of Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT). Though most in the line of Banking and Financial Institutions will be quite familiar with the basics, I want to take time to share a simplified version of the essentials to the layman, the man on the street, whom may have heard news and stories second hand, but may have questions, questions like:

1. What is Money Laundering?

2. Why is it important to the criminal?

3. How is money laundering done?

4. Who can be charged with money laundering?

Also, some may wonder:

1. Whats it like in the financial world globally?

2. What about in Malaysia?

3. Who regulates these stuff?

4. Who can teach us more if we want to find out more?

These questions are basic, but important to understand. I'll therefore attempt to set out some of these answers in various ways... so stay tuned and find out more.....

Coming soon.....

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