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59. Public Speaking Intermediate: 7. Module 6: Introducing Others

Have you ever been asked to introduce someone?

Either at an office event or a party, or a discussion or in a meeting?

What do you say? How do you even begin to know what to say and what not to say?

In an event, when you are given the task to go on stage and introduce someone officially to a group of your colleagues or staff, you may find these tips useful:

  • Greet and name everyone (eg. Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, Datuks and Datins, etc)

  • Welcome them to the event (name the full event name)

  • Explain background of event and person you will be introducing

  • Share a bit of contribution / what person known for

  • General

  • Specific

  • Share how the person you will be introducing will Benefit today’s audience

  • Strong calling of the name (and titles if needed) - Let's put our hands together and welcome….. Mr ABC!!!!!

In general, what you can do beforehand:

A. Use a STANDARD Template

B. Get to know the person first

C. Practice the Template

D. Don’t outshine the other

E. Lend them your credibility

F. Be confident

As usual, practice as often as you can and you will surely improve over time…

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