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109. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 5. Content - Researched

In this series we have looked at the Trainer’s Mindset the past three weeks. For the next few weeks we are going to explore the types of content we need to serve up to our participants or audiences. Today we look at Researched Content. What do I mean? The content we teach, for all intents and purposes should be well researched, to ensure that it is, to the best extent we can, true, accurate and sufficient.

True: with fake news going around like wildfire everyday, the authenticity of what we share should be paramount in our agendas.

Accurate: linked to the point above, we also need to be confident that our materials are able to be relied upon, whether it is facts, skills, methodology etc.

Sufficient: we as teachers need to think long term. The information or skills should be able to see your participants through for some time, not getting outdated or obsolete in the next week or days.

Only with these first things in mind can we ensure we add value in the sessions we teach.

Are your materials Researched Content?

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