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123. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 6. My sixth module - Ecclesiology and Eschatology

After being a Christian for so many years, I realise I never actually studied the topic of "Church".

Also, many years ago, when I was a much younger Christian, I was always intrigued by the study of the "End times", wanting to know when it will happen and what are the signs that will preceed the 2nd coming of Christ etc.

However, as I grew up both these topics took back seats to other areas of study, more practical stuff like Worship Leading, Prayer, Missions, etc

So I was so glad when this joint module came about, I immediately was drawn to it. Time to buck up about the important stuff about the faith… the theological study of it all.

What I learnt from my sixth module: Ecclesiology and Eschatology

  1. Ecclesiology: The study of the the Church and the Community of God

  2. Eschatology: The study of the end times, or the things at the end

  3. While the global church may seem fragmented from the outside, there is much to appreciate amidst the diversity on the inside

  4. There is much to do regarding the unity of the church, and the resolving and the handling of the issues help prepare us to be stronger in our faith

  5. While the end times make us see the urgency, we need to remember to who is victorious in the end, then not so stressed.

  6. The end is not happening somewhere far away…

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