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148. The Benefits of Reading: 5. Exploring supposedly academic topics

Wow time really passes fast when we focus on reading more widely. Let me encourage you to develop a greater reading scope..... you can actually go deep but go wide as well. What do I mean?

Take Psychology for example. It may not be the most fun topic to read on as it may sound dry, like a university subject.

Well, that may be true if you are studying academically, going for a degree, etc.

However, if you are not, there's a myriad variety of books even in such a formal topic in the market today, that can be very interesting...

Look at my picture here. In Psychology, the books published by DK are very practical and written in super colourful fashion. They cover topics of Success, Retirement, Stress and Love.

What started out as potentially boring and irrelevant topics ended up being page turners for me.

What topics are you interested to explore but feel that they may be boring?

Try the DK line of books. I have found them engaging and super absorbing...

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