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164. A Time of Staying at home: Silver Lining 1 - More Time to Reflect

After 6 consecutive posts on the Challenges of the MCO, I need to strike a balance here. So I'm taking the rest of this series to look at some of the silver linings behind the Stay Home order.

While I am still super busy daily working from home, having being given additional roles to play at work, helping my kids whom are schooling from home, being the "Ketua Rumah" and going essentials shopping every once in a while, I thank God for brief bursts of time that I can steal for myself to just reflect on life, what I am doing now, what I am called to do, what I should be doing, what is the main goals in life today, etc.

So as I am writing this, I am also re-looking at life as a whole.... what is it all about?






All key concepts that can be twisted by the hustle and bustle of life. Time to straighten things out a bit...

Next week: My everyday joy....

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