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166. A Time of Staying at home: Silver Lining 3 - More Time to plan your future

After the thing with the kids, I look back at myself.... with the cause of the MCO being a global pandemic, not sure about you, I tend to think about the future...

While I may have been so distracted with life that I forgot that I was mortal, that there were reasons why I purchase insurance plans, being stuck at home made me realise I cannot continue to take life for granted....

What happens if I go? Would my loved ones be cared for?

What if I go halfway? Would my loved ones have enough to sustain themselves and me?

What happens if things don't go back to the way it was before? Am I ready?

What are my long term goals, in light of what is happening today?

I started taking a more serious look at what I am doing today...

Is there anything I need to change?

Anything I need to keep?

Anything I need to stop doing?

Plenty of deep stuff to think about and act on....

Good time to think and prepare....

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