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167. A Time of Staying at home: Silver Lining 4 - More Time to catch up on rest

I am sure many will have time to do this, but actually for myself there is not that much spare time to catch up on rest, as my work hours and time to help my kids get ready for school takes up my mornings and since I have my laptop on to the side of my dining table, I have trouble shutting down for the day as well.

My time used to catch up on rest actually come because I am at home. A slightly more relaxed setting allows me to be able to take a breather every once in a while at home, to just have a cup of coffee and read some online news, have a chat with my kids, grab some biscuits from the jar etc.

Surprising thing, I am actually a bit lighter than before the MCO. Some say it is due to stress due to the MCO... which is true I believe.... but I catch up whenever I can, in terms of rest. A body without sufficient rest will burn out, and I pray I will not go down that road....

See you next week!

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