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178. Recap of first 5 months of 2021 - TV and Games - Sessions with the kids (and solo)

This blog has been silent these past 5 months. But life was far from silent. While we were all experiencing some sort of Work From Home and Study From Home, my children (mostly my 12yo girl and 9yo boy) and i were spending countless hours together.

One of the main things we did on a daily basis was watching TV series (one episode or so a day) of shows I used to enjoy in the past, and now watching the rebooted versions. We not only had fun, but I managed to have many opportunities to teach and share different things about life to them. So fun!

  1. Macgyver

2. Magnum PI

3. Hawaii Five-0

From the shows, we got to learn about the power of teamwork, being honourable, importance of friendship, hard work, discipline and of course humour. Also, we learnt about the atrocities and crimes that mankind are capable of committing.

We also spent weekend playing boardgames.... some examples, amongst others:

  1. Ice Cool - Flicking plastic penguins across and all over a 3D board of school, chasing one another and trying to capture "fish" was a hit amongst the 2 older kids and my youngest 3yo. Plenty of laughter and cute moments. Very necessary experiences in these trying times.

2. Fort - Playing as little children at a playground, trying to make friends and recruit them to help you build the biggest Fort. Interesting theme and many small decisions throughout the game... fun!

3. Dilbert the Board Game: Interesting that my school going kids enjoy this office themed game, but in a funny way, they get to learn the hilarious ways the Dilbert cartoon portrays the working life.... again, another good time of answering the question, "Daddy, working at the office is like THAT?" :)

4. Arkham Horror: The Living Card Game - And of course at times when I have some "me" time, I will spend time playing solo-able board and card games. This was one of the more engaging and narrative driven ones for me. Good time running through the story, making decisions on resources to deploy and cards to play, while also relying on some form of luck when drawing tokens from a bag, making these experiences fulfilling and memorable.

As we move into the month of June 2021, here's to wishing everyone, "Stay Safe" and let us pray for the recovery of the world....


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