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196. John's Budgeting 101 Series #4: Expenses (Historical)

Let us start by gathering in an excel worksheet all your payments and expenses. Based on the info you have gathered, fill up for Dec2021. If you can go back a few more months or max up to a year, even better. Then you can capture those expenses that you don't spend monthly. Generally you want to have one column for each month of the year, and the following lines:

1. EPF (already in Income)

2. Insurance (all types here: life, annuity, medical, family, MRTA, cards, Home, cars, fire, etc)

3. Loan instalments (home, car, etc)

4. Committed giving (charity, family members, friends, church/religious obligations, etc)

5. Road tax, car maintenance,

6. Bills: Sewerage, water, electricity, internet, subscriptions, mobile phones, digital services, etc

7. Salary for workers (domestic help, etc)

8. Education (school fees, tuition fees, etc)

9. Daily meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, others)

10. Groceries and daily household purchases

11. Clothing and others

12. House maintenance (repairs, furniture, fittings)

13. Entertainment and leisure

If you have more types, put in as well.

Arrange the above into Fixed and Variable expenditures. Record diligently.


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