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203. John's Budgeting 101 Series #11: Changing Priorities

Over time, as if you are steering a ship, small changes will help you steer your life and where you want it to eventually go.

Suddenly, a significant change happens in your life, it may be happy or otherwise.

You are getting married, you are having a child, you have a change in your occupation.

Suddenly you realise your main priorities in life are changing. That would mean that your budget is most likely to change as well.

Go to the top of this budgeting exercise again, but this time, with experience in hand and data already in your records, you are more primed to make swift and careful adjustments to your budget based on your new priorities.

Moral of the story, prepare ahead of time, such that when you need to make changes in a hurry, you need not be in a hurry, for you are already ready to make those changes.


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