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176. What to do when staying at home? 7. Mid Level Games

As the year is coming to an end, you may still be staying home with your families. Last week, I was looking at some games for beginners. This week, i am looking at some mid level games for those whom may be quite familiar with games already.

Five Tribes

This is a Days of Wonder game set in the deserts and amongst oases. Players control 5 different tribes of peoples living in those environments, sending their representatives around the villages collecting influence, treasures, trading spices and market goods, and also have opportunities to utilise various powers from powerful djinns from around the area. A good manchala type of game with action selection (the various tribes) and area control (with your camels).


From the world of Role Player, every player controls a gang of creatures locked up in a jail / prison. Every game tries to collect resources around the prison yard, canteen, sewers, medical hall, cell blocks, etc via auction / bidding (partial blind bidding). Resources can be used to buy / craft items, pay off / hire other goons. Gangs have to be careful not to be too suspicious, or the guards will raid the prison block. Super fun game...

Roll Player

Set also in the Role Player world, this is a Flip and Write game where players are working for the queen of the land, competing to be the best cartographer / mapmaker.... can be played by many players, filling up paper maps with different symbols of lands in tetris shaped lands. Can be played solo as well.

Good games for the family...



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