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180. Time Management Series #1: Available Tools


For the past decade or two, I have been using physical calendars annually to manage my general time schedules. Over the past 15 years or so, I gradually integrated that physical calendar with my office calendar software in order to build a better system in arranging and managing my schedule.

Over the past 18 months, I found that this practice of mine became oh so useful. During the Movement Control Orders (MCO) when we have to Work From Home (WFH) and integrate work life with home life even more than even before, a well-managed and utilised calendar system really helped to ensure a more harmonising balance.

For this quarter I will share how I utilise calendars and schedule time for EVERYTHING!

First and foremost: go get a physical calendar (for 2022 if you can). I recommend the diary with the big squares for every day. Then either set up an Outlook Calendar / Google calendar for yourself or if you already have one for work, be prepared to use it for every area in your life.

I am going to try to attempt to help you start a new habit…. Not easy, but I promise you it will get easier over time and become like second nature once you realise the benefits this practice gives you.

To give you an overall view, this is what we will do over the last quarter of 2021 as we prepare for this to start in 2022.

Week 1: Go buy a 2022 calendar and be ready to fill it up over the next few weeks. Set aside a day a week (15-20 mins should suffice) to do the rest below [schedule it in your soft copy calendar (Outlook, Google, etc)

Week 2: During the set aside time: fill up the 2022 calendar with all the Public Holidays, birthdays of important people in your life (can use your Facebook app for this), think of scheduling your long leave in 2022

Week 3: Mark in your 2022 calendar the following:

a. The dates your various household bills are due (water, Indah Water, TNB, mobile, TNB, etc)

b. Road Tax renewals

c. Insurance payment due dates

d. Salary payments

Week 4: I will share tips on how to do weekly scheduling of essentials in your calendars

Week 5: Weekly scheduling of work items

Week 6: Weekly scheduling of personal items

Week 7: Tips on daily scheduling

Week 8: Specific Topic – Office Administration

Week 9: Scheduling your weekends

Week 10: Specific Topic – Agreed upon family time

Week 11: Specific Topic – Admin Time

Week 12: Specific Topic – Chatting with spouse

Week 13: Maintenance

Stay tuned next week for actually filling up the calendar. Now go buy your calendar for 2022… if you are still stuck at home, do an online purchase!


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