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182. Time Management Series #3: Specific Periodic Items

Last week we filled our physical and soft copy calendars for 2022 with general annual items.

This week, we want to continue our calendar filling exercises. Let us fill up the following in the physical calendar for 2022 (actual items in your household):

(You may need to take some time to look at your documentation to fill up these items, so take a few days to do this, it’ll be a bit unnatural at first, but it gets better as you practice, and it’ll save you a lot of hassle in the time to come)

a. The dates your various household bills are due (water, Indah Water, TNB, mobile, TNB, etc)

b. Credit card due dates

c. Road Tax renewals (for all your vehicles) – and car service dates, if applicable

d. Insurance payment due dates (Life insurance, General insurance like car, house, fire, house content, etc)

e. Salary payments (if you have people working for you)

f. Doctors’/Dentist appointments

g. Medicine collection appointments

h. For those with children: school fees payments, vaccination appointments, etc

Also highlight these a certain colour you will remember because these are almost all with financial and health implications that you don’t want to miss

As previous weeks, once the above is done….. please fill up your soft copy calendar as well…. And use the Set Reminder function in the calendar for these items if you can

Keep your pens and highlighters, we will move on next week….. see you then!


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