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185. Time Management Series #6: How to Schedule your week (Personal)

Last week we scheduled our calendars one week at a time focusing on work life items, like deadlines, meetings, calls, training programs, etc.

This week, we look at scheduling our calendars one week at a time with regards to Personal related items.


1. Block off important weekly personal items in your calendar and do that on a monthly basis, i.e. block your January schedules in December prior to the month

2. Some essentials you want to block off is to ensure the important things in your personal life is blocked off in advance and will not be hijacked by other potentially urgent but not so critical things:

a. Specific blocks of time for yourself (“Me Time”) – Reading break, coffee break, watching a movie, spa appointment etc

b. Specific events in the week: catch up coffee/chat time with a friend, a family member, a colleague, etc

c. Plans to attend an online event, talk, webinar, etc

d. Special appointments:- date with significant other/spouse, child, etc

Also highlight these a certain colour you will remember because these are with work implications that you need to also manage

While it is still 4Q21, it may be a bit early to start scheduling these for 2022, but if you already have some idea, you can begin to do these for January and maybe February 2022 calendars.

As previous weeks, once the above is done….. please fill up your soft copy calendar as well…. And use the Set Reminder function in the calendar for these items if you can

Keep your pens and highlighters, we will move on next week….. see you then!


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