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186. Time Management Series #7: How to Schedule your day (Specifics)

Last week we scheduled our calendars one week at a time focusing on Personal life items, like Me Time, dates, event attendance, special appointments etc.

This week, we look at scheduling our calendars based on a day at a time with regards to specific items for that day.

Based on our previous weeks’ exercises, most of the slots for most days should already be blocked and allocated for most of the important stuff and planned stuff.

However, there will always be ad-hoc, urgent stuff that comes along at any given day of the week. We should just add them on.

(sample from internet)


1. As and when new meetings are scheduled or new events come up that require your attention or attendance, slot it in if the space is available.

2. Slot in work items if the space on a work day/time is still open

3. Slot in personal/family items if the space permits

What happens if your slot required is already filled?

1. Always (as far as possible) respect and adhere to the first item already placed in the slot, it was already there because it was important to begin with;

2. What can be rescheduled then?

a. Usually, if the occupied slot is something that you personally do, and you can shift it to a nearby slot within the same day, that new item can be squeezed in (remember not to make a habit of this as it defeats the purpose of blocking slots in the first place)

b. If an existing item has other people already committed to it, best not to move the item. Regretfully decline the new item with apologies and if your attendance is really required, suggest a different time on the same day or a different day within 1 or 2 days max

c. If the new item is super urgent and important and much higher on your priority list (you know this better than me), then you will need to push it through onto your calendar. Then you will need to reschedule your existing item. Do it with apologies and explain the general reason why it had to happen. Then volunteer to reschedule it at a time and date convenient to the other parties.

Hope these little tips help for your ad-hoc daily changes to your schedule/calendar

As previous weeks, once the above is done….. please fill up your soft copy calendar as well…. And use the Set Reminder function in the calendar for these items if you can

Keep your pens and highlighters, we will move on next week….. see you then!


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