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187. Time Management Series #8: Specific Topic - Office Administration

Last week we looked at making day to day adjustments to our daily calendars.

This week, we will look at a specific topic, i.e. Setting aside once a week (maybe a block of 1-2 hours) to perform office administration tasks, or what many call “paperwork”.

Let us break it down into 2 areas:

1. Individual work areas (your own stuff)

a. Do your claims processing (your car park claims, medical claims, other claimable expenditure), gathering receipts, filling up forms, obtaining approvals, submission to HR etc

b. Scheduling leave (have leave plans? Take them here and get the relevant approvals)

c. Completing any e-learning training courses (especially those that you are given x weeks to complete, do them during this allocated time periods)

d. For those with large emails and not sufficient Inbox space, to clear your Inbox of emails that are not required anymore or to archive mails that are important but not used anymore;

e. Update your office calendars with the latest updates of events or programs etc

2. If you manage a team, then the following are for your staff:

a. Approve their leaves

b. Schedule meetings with your team, be it one on one or with the whole team, for the week, month etc

c. Perform any reviews or appraisals for them, either paperwork or actual chats with them, you can do it at these slots

Keep your pens and highlighters, we will move on next week….. see you then!


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