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191. Time Management Series #12: Specific Topic (Chat with Spouse)

Last week we looked at the specific topic of Admin Time.

This week, we will look at the specific topic of Chatting with your spouse (if relevant).

This block of time you are setting aside is to lock in a time where you invest in the future of your home and family. Guard this time religiously. Spend this time strengthening the foundation of your relationship with your spouse, together.

You set this aside once a week, at least because while there are urgent things you definitely need to do from week to week, this is Something important you need to make time and effort for.

If you are married, you may choose to do this as a couple maybe once a month, but you definitely need to do this at least once a week. You might ask, do we have so much to talk every week for one hour? Let me show you what a typical session of chat can look like:

1. Catch up on happenings since your last chat (should be approx. 1 week)

2. Share feelings and thoughts on important topics (in this order):

  • Yourselves

  • Your children

  • Your family

  • Your work

  • Current events in the home, the community, the nation

  • Your hobbies

3. Anything else you can think of ...

Sure one hour is too much? It may not be enough….

Keep this blocked off time every time. Make it a habit, it may not be easy at the start, but it gets easier the more times you do this…

We will wrap up this series on time management next week!


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