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193. John's Budgeting 101 Series #1: Decide to manage your expenses

As we start the new year, we might want to start a new habit as a new year resolution. Many start but stop after a while. Want to start managing your budget? Don’t know how? Afraid you might drop off after a few weeks? Let me help you along your journey...

You might be asking, why would we want to manage our budget? Here are a few reasons:

1. You have been earning and spending, month in month out, but you don't know where you currently stand;

2. You think you spend more than you earn, but you are not sure;

3. You think you save enough, but you don't really know what is your current financial standing;

4. You are planning a big purchase, but no sure if you can afford it;

For the reasons above and many more, knowing your status, having a budget, and managing it, even a little bit, has big returns. In these times of uncertainty (economic, health, environment, etc) knowing your financial standing (even a bit) is ever crucial.

Well, if you decide to try it out, join me over the next 3 months or so as I share with you how to set up a budget and attempt to manage it.

You are just starting out in your career? Sure. You are many years into working life? No problem.

Make the decision to start (take the next few days to decide). When you decide, join me in my next week's post...


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