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41. Public Speaking Basics: 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking: 2. Basic questions to ponder:

Last week I suggested that we all can be better public speakers by just aiming to be above average, just by focusing on a few key areas, learn some skills and apply some action points.

The post ended by considering the following questions:

A. What roles do you play at work today?

B. What roles do you play at home today?

C. In those roles, will there be situations / circumstances when you will need to employ some form of public speaking?

Today we will explore: Who needs to speak in public?

At Work

We need public speaking skills when we are:

  • giving presentations

  • selling something

  • convincing others

  • introducing others

  • motivating your team members

  • facilitating / participating in discussions / team meetings

  • engaging in debates / disagreements

  • being posed questions by your team members, bosses, colleagues

  • giving / receiving feedback

Any of the above relevant to you? If yes, do you want to be a bit better than the average person? Read on…

At Home

We need public speaking skills when we are:

  • involved in family discussions

  • talking to our parents

  • teaching / admonishing our children

  • planning events / vacations amongst family members

  • attending family gatherings

  • members of your community's residents' association, place of worship, NGO, etc

  • playing any leadership roles in charity organisations

  • organising any sporting events with friends and family

  • involved in any event with other people

How about this list? For those relevant areas, with a bit of thought and planned action, we CAN be better than average, hence increasing our effectiveness and thus making a better impact in our lives and lives of others

How then can we apply some skills to better perform the roles that we hold today?

Join me in this journey of discovery and self development.

Scenarios to consider for the week:

A. I am already quite good at what I do. Must I get better?

B. I think I can avoid having to speak in public. Do I still have to develop these skills?

Let's catch up next week!

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