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42. Public Speaking Basics: 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking: 3. Basic questions to ponder:

Last week I listed as many roles and responsibilities we play that may require the need for public speaking in life and at work as I could.

The post ended by considering the following potential responses:

A. I am already quite good at what I do. Must I get better?

B. I think I can avoid having to speak in public. Do I still have to develop these skills?

Today we consider the reasons behind wanting to get better at public speaking. Why should we put in all this extra effort?

Do we really need to get better? Aren't I good enough as it is?

In a nutshell, the following are some reasons:

1. Overcome fear 2. Build confidence 3. Enhance relationships and networks 4. Inspire and motivate others

1. Overcome fear - for some of us, the thought of speaking in front of other people fills us with dread. Wouldn't it be great if through some practice, we can lessen this feeling?

2. Build confidence - for many of us, added confidence while we are engaging or conversing with others can give us the additional edge in being able to persuade or convince others to see our points of view

3. Enhance relationships and networks - as we get better at interacting with others, we will be able to develop a better quality of engagement with friends, family, colleagues etc which in turn will strengthen the relationships;

4. Inspire and motivate others - many of us have trouble keeping ourselves motivated and inspired. By enhancing our ability to speak in public in various scenarios, we place ourselves in better positions to personally be more motivated as well as being infectious in this aura of being motivated

If you are already a good public speaker, these tips and guidance will then help to strengthen and supplement what you already know and practise.

So continue this journey with me, and let us bring ourselves to the next level, not yet to perfection, but at least to a level above average.

Questions to consider for the week:

A. What have I been doing to get better? (List them down)

B. What do I think I should do to get better? (List them down)

Let's catch up next week!

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