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43. Public Speaking Basics: 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking: 4. Basic questions to ponder:

Last week I suggested a few key reasons why we should improve ourselves and get better in this area of public speaking.

The post ended by considering the following questions:

A. What have I been doing to get better? (List them down)

B. What do I think I should do to get better? (List them down)

This week, I just want to introduce a simple set of ideas and practices that can help us get better in a systematic way. Read on and see how they mesh with what you are currently already doing. Can they supplement what you are currently doing? Do you need to change a bit of what you are already practising?

There are only 2 points in my post today:

  1. Master the Basic Skills

  2. Follow the 3 simple steps to be above average

1. Master the Basic Skills

(We will cover the Basic skills in more detail in Posts numbered 7, 8 and 9)

In summary, we will look at preparedness and being adept at 3 areas, namely: physical aspects, attitude aspects and materials considerations.

2. Follow the 3 simple steps to be above average

(We will cover the 3 simple steps in more detail in Post number 10)

In summary, the 3 simple steps will prompt us to perform certain action points in order for us to activate our muscle memory, such that we will do certain things as amatter of habit. Remember, practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, practice makes permanent. Practising the right things makes it easier for us to move towards achieving first being above average, and in the long term heading the right direction.

Next week, we will explore some of the challenges we may face when we want to pursue improvements in public speaking.

Questions to consider for the week:

A. What are the challenges I face today in public speaking? (List them down)

B. What have I done to address those challenges? (List them down)

C. Did what I do address effectively what I faced as challenges?

Let's catch up next week!

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