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49. Public Speaking Basics: 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking: 10. The 3 Steps

Last week we covered the last of the basic skills using the acronym CHESS

This week, I just want to share, finally the 3 steps to above average public speaking.


Step 1: Learn …some skills

Step 2: Practice … those skills

Step 3: Repeat….

Huh? You must be thinking, "Are you joking? It's a joke right?"

Um… no, actually, that's it.

What do you mean? There should be some powerful secret formula… you know, the 5 steps to etc, the 7 secrets of etc…

Yes, and in this case, to be above average in public speaking, you just need to learn some basic skills, practice them, get feedback on how you are doing, fine tune yourself, and do it again.

Do it again and again, as often as you can, any chance you get, and continually fine tune yourself and you will get better and better over time. Will you achieve perfection?

No one achieves perfection overnight. No one achieves perfection, period.

But these three steps brings you in the right direction.


Okay a bit more detail should help, I believe.

Step 1: Learn …some skills (What skills?)

For starters, refer to the previous posts.

What next? Coming up in the rest of this series… I will introduce some skills

Step 2: Practice … those skills (How to practice?)

There are many occassions you can practice at home or at work or anywhere else.

Stay tuned to the rest of the series…. I will introduce some occassions

Step 3: Repeat…. (What is this?)

We just need to be diligent about public speaking, seeking to practice and improve any chance we have….

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