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50. Public Speaking Basics: 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking: 11. Introduction to Specific M

Last week I hinted that there are many occassions when we can and should practice public speaking. I also said I will share some of the skills that we can pick up to better ourselves in public speaking.

Today, I will give you a quick summary of at least 8 instances where we can practice public speaking and just a few skills we can pick up for each of these occasions. We will not be going into detail now…. Maybe later.

In no particular order, here they are:

Occasion 1: Giving Presentations

Learnable Skills: Not using notes; Knowing your subject matter; use a standard template…

Occasion 2: Leading Team Meetings

Learnable Skills: Use a standard agenda; Read up before; Summarise after…

Occasion 3: Facilitating Discussions

Learnable Skills: Taking control; Encourage sharing; Being fair; Doing your homework…

Occasion 4: Answering Questions

Learnable Skills: Know your topic; practice speaking off the cuff; read deeply and widely…

Occasion 5: Motivating Others

Learnable Skills: Practice often; have a standard flow…

Occasion 6: Introducing Others

Learnable Skills: Have a standard template and practice it often; Confidence…

Occasion 7: Engaging in Debates

Learnable Skills: Know your points; LISTEN; don't strive to win, strive to move forward…

Occasion 8: Giving Feedback

Learnable Skills: The burger method…


Whether at work or at home, with your colleagues, superiors, subordinates, family members, children, spouses, relatives, you will be able to apply almost if not all of these skills playing the roles as noted above.

So what next? How does knowing this help me further?

Stay tuned as we continue next week…

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