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52. Public Speaking Basics: 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking: 13. End of Series Practice Res

We've come to the end of the series "Public Speaking Basics: 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking"

If you click on the picture above, you should get the link to a resource I believe will be of help as you go on your public speaking journey.

The resource has the following:

  1. A table for a timer to keep track of time for you when you perform impromptu speaking. When given a short time to say a few words, many people rumble on. Use this to practice being short but succinct

  2. A feedback form for your audience to give you constructive feedback when you speak. Feedback is nutrition for your journey.

  3. A short template to help you focus when you prepare a speech. Use it to ensure you don't miss out anything

  4. A feedback form for your audience when you speak.

  5. A feedback form for your team members when you facilitate a discussion.

Want more details on how to improve in more specific ways?

I am in the midst of preparing a future series called Public Speaking Essentials (Intermediate)

Until then, do continue to follow the blog as I start a new series next month.


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