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1 year at!

Wow! Time passes so fast! Last week's post marks the 52nd post for this blog....that means I have been writing for one whole year! Definitely did not realise the time....

Firstly a warm thank you for following me on the blog or my Facebook Page, John Cheah so far. I really hope you found some of the articles useful.

Just a quick recap of what I have been writing thus far:

1st Quarter of April to June 2017:

Money Laundering Basics, especially from a Compliance Training perspective

2nd Quarter of July to September 2017:

My personal journey in public speaking with the Toastmasters

3rd Quarter of October to December 2017:

Finances 101 - 10 Perspectives from my point of view

4th Quarter of January to March 2018:

Public Speaking Basics - 3 Steps to Above Average Public Speaking

Now, as I look forward to the start of the 2nd year of this blog, I am contemplating ... what's next?

Stay tuned!

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