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53. Public Speaking Intermediate: 1. Recap of Basics

Ah, welcome back to my public speaking series. For the next few months, I will be looking at a continuation of the journey from the basics we covered last quarter.

After handling the basic stuff, this quarter we will go into specific ways we can be better by exploring different scenarios in which you will inadvertantly find yourself.

For the next 10 weeks or so, we will cover different scenarios.

Today, we will just recap what we kind of covered earlier.

The basic set of skills cover 3 basic areas, namely Physical, Attitude and Materials, all using the acronym, CHESS.

They were…


C - Clothes

H - Hands

E - Eyes

S - Stance

S - Smile


C - Confident

H - Happy

E - Empathetic

S - Sincere

S - Sense of Humour


C - Computer

H - Handouts

E - Equipment

S - Stage

S - Sitting arrangements

With that in mind, let us see what's in store in the coming weeks:

  • Module 1: Giving Presentations

  • Module 2: Leading Team Meetings

  • Module 3: Facilitating Discussions

  • Module 4: Answering Questions

  • Module 5: Motivating Others

  • Module 6: Introducing Others

  • Module 7: Engaging in Debates

  • Module 8: Giving Feedback

  • Module 9: Master of Ceremonies

  • Module 10: On video

Stay tuned!

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