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54. Public Speaking Intermediate: 2. Module 1: Giving Presentations

This mini module of tips is to share wih you, what are some steps you want to look at if you want to be better at public speaking, especially when giving presentations.

1. Use a standard template

No matter what you are asked to present, be it a five minute speech, or a half hour lecture or a two hour seminar, having a standard template helps prepare your mind, organise your thoughts, and create a natural flow to your message.

This is just a suggested template that I find helpful:



Set up presentation

B. Points:

Support your message

C. Illustrations:

Support your point

D. Closing

Push your message

2. Know your topic

No matter what you will be presenting on, whether is it a short introduction to yourself, a short speech on an experience you went through or an hour lecture on a technical topic, knowing your topic, the details, nitty gritty, additional information about it, really helps you to be confident in yourself, lend yourself credibility, gives a strong impression that you are a subject matter expert.

How do you know your topic better?

a. Do research, via books, the Internet etc

b. Talk to people in that line or industry

c. Gain your own experience, either by going through them yourself or read about others whom have gone through it or speak to the people whom have gone through it (see b)

d. Jot down your own notes of what you learnt in a-c above. While you can type, I personally feel that I absorb more when I physically write them down.

3. Aim not to use notes

Depending on what you are presenting on, notes may be necessary. However, try tp minimise notes if you can. Do away with it altogether if able. Some benefits of not using notes (meaning holding on to sheaves of paper, turning page by page as you proceed):

a. You appear more confident

b. You get more confident

c. You appear more credible (know your stuff)

d. You are actually more credible (you actually know your stuff)

e. You free your hands to do many things - gestures, holding a presentation pointer, holding a microphone etc without being overly awkward

4. Use visuals (optional)

Today's world is a very distracted world. To engage your audience, you now need more ways of engaging them than only using your voice (audio). You need to at least hold their attention visually as well. To do that, here are some options:

a. Use presentation slides

b. Use pictures and graphics

c. Use video

d. Use yourself (as you tell stories, act them out yourself)

Tip: You can use 4 to help you with 3. You can embed markers or triggers in your presentation slides to remind you of your message flow and hence, can rely on your slides instead on having to use notes heheh

Hope this helps to a certain extent.

Module 2 will cover some tips when we lead team meetings at work.

Til then, see ya!

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