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63. Public Speaking Intermediate: 11. Module 10: On Video (Additional)

This is just a small mini module, a few thoughts on speaking while on video.

When recording a video focusing directly on you, with a recorder that is stationery

  1. Find out which part of the recorder is the lens recording you and always maintain eye contact with it when you speak

  2. Depending on how your voice is recorded, either with the same video recorder or a separate voice recorder, when you speak, you have to project your voice that it will be captured sufficiently that what you say can be not merely audible, but clear.

  3. If you are recording a series that promotes one topic, dressing up plays a part. If you are portraying a serious topic, your dressing should not be too colourful, mismatched etc.

  4. Smile

  5. Even when your topic is serious, your mannerisms can and should be pleasant.

  6. If you are able, get someone to add stuff into your video clip: music, key words, etc, to enhance the message and the engagement.

See these links as a simple example:

When on video when you are not the main focus but you are part of the group being recorded

  1. Sit in a semicircle facing the camera at an angle

  2. When speaking, speak clearly and articulate well, don’t shout, but project your voice

  3. When speaking, take turns looking at your fellow "actors" and at the camera lens, remember, you are speaking to them too

  4. When you are not speaking, be conscious that you are still on video, even though the main focus is not on you. That means, don’t make unnecessary movements, or noises, etc, you will be noticed.

  5. Have a relaxed demeanour. Smile pleasantly when you are addressed by the host and then reply accordingly.

  6. Have a good time. Enjoy yourself!

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