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64. Public Speaking Intermediate: 12. Summary and Ways forward...

We have come to the end of this Intermediate series on Public Speaking….. After covering 10 different modules or potential roles you will play at work, where some form of public speaking is expected of you or even demanded, I hope the tips within the posts were useful / helpful.

As a recap, we have covered:

M1: Giving Presentations

M2: Leading meetings

M3: Facilitating Discussions

M4: Answering Questions

M5: Motivating Others

M6: Introducing Others

M7: Engaging in Debates

M8: Giving Feedback

M9: Master of Ceremonies

M10: On Video

Remember, like the picture above, like golf, PRACTICE the right things often, as you strive to get better and you will…make public speaking a lifestyle choice, live and breathe public speaking and you will just get better and better...

As a close, I just want to thank you for following along the blog thus far…. Stay tuned for a different topic in the coming quarter….cheers!

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