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67. Leadership Secrets: 2. Moses: Whole Life Development

Many leaders today are so busy leading their teams, their companies that they do not have time to continue learning.

Professionals nowadays have this thing called Continuing Professional Education/Development (CPE/CPD), making it compulsory for the members in those professional bodies to achieve certain numbers of CPE/CPD hours of learning and development annually.

The reason is that the professional bodies realise that to continue to be relevant and useful to the community, the professional individual cannot afford to stop learning. There is always a need to stay updated, to learn the newest technology, the latest rules, the most current developments in the industry, etc.

Did you know? Moses spent a better part of his life preparing to lead.

Moses led the people of God out of Egypt when he was approx 80 years old.

How did that happen?

Moses was born at a time when his people were in danger, so his mother and sister hid him amongst reeds on a river bank. To keep him safe, his sister enabled the daughter of Pharaoh to find him. She found him amongst the reeds and took pity on him. She took Moses and raised him as a Prince of Egypt in Pharaoh's household.

So, for the first 40 years of his life, he obtained the best education, learning languages, learning all kinds of skills and obtained knowledge fit for a son of Pharaoh. He learnt governance, administration, combat, leading soldiers, etc there.

When he was approx 40 years old, he saw injustice done by an Egyptian and killed the man. When Pharaoh found out, Pharaoh hunted for him. Moses fled into the wilderness and settled in the land of Midian, where he met his future wife, got married and became a shepherd, also for almost 40 years.

As a shepherd in the wilderness, he continued his education and training by learning to live off the land, learning how to shepherd sheep, the very stubborn and dumb animal. There he learnt how to lead those that do not want to be led, he learnt patience, and learnt to depend on God.

Fast forward to when God called him via the burning bush…. He still had lots to learn, but God felt he was ready to go on the job.

There you see, even 5 - 10 thousand years ago, Moses took his whole life to develop himself. And he continued his education even the many years he led the people of God.

What does that say for us today?

As leaders or aspiring leaders: never stop learning!

Continue seeking opportunities to learn. Go for classes. Take a course. Get a cert, a diploman, a degree, or just go for certification programs.

You are already good in a subject? Get better!

Want to learn another skill? Go ahead!

Share with us: What are you feeling like learning today?

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