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68. Leadership Secrets: 3. Moses: Never too old

Last week we saw that Moses spent the first 80 years of his life developing himself (though he did not know it at that time), preparing himself to be the leader that God called him to be.

Even when he was ready, he continued learning even through the many years he led the people of God.

Which brings me to the point of today's post.

You are never too old to lead!

Moses only started leading God's people when he was 80 years old. And he led them til he was well into his 110s.

You might say, "But that’s history. People nowadays are different! We retire when we are 55. Some take early retirement at 50."

True, but that's official work, when you are an employee working for a company.

Nowadays, in the corporate sector, many retirees come back to work for their organisation after their retirement. Why? Because the organisation realises the value and wealth of experience these senior people have.

Not only in the corporate sector, even in government.

For example, in Malaysia, the latest Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir, became the 7th Prime Minister in 2018 when he was 92+ years old. Now that's experienced!

The Malaysian government, when they took power in May 2018, formed an advisory council called the Council of Eminent Persons, comprising 5 individuals of various background whom were very skilled and experienced and well known in the areas of finance. The ages of the 5 were in descending order: 94, 80, 71, 66 and 65... making a combined age of 376!

Now that’s experienced leadership!

So what's the leadership secret here?

Age is just a number. You are never too old to lead! You may think, oh my time has passed. Nope! Your time just started. If you have been following Secret 1 (Whole Life development), you are most likely entitled for Secret 2 (you are never too old).

So go ahead! Lead wherever you are.

Lead a team at work, lead a department, lead a unit.

At home, lead a sports team. Lead a Residential Association. Lead a non profit.

In church, lead a cell group, lead a bible study, lead a prayer meeting, lead worship (singing songs) etc.

There are just so many opportunities out there. The world needs good leaders. Are you one? Are you trying to be one? Go for it!

The world needs you. Lead away!

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