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69. Leadership Secrets: 4. Moses: The God encounter

Last week we looked at age. We concluded that it is never too old to lead.

Today we want to look at the spark that acts as the catalyst that started us in the road to leadership. How did we start?

How do we start?

Let us take a look at the life of Moses, the leader of the people of God from the book of Exodus in the Old Testament in the bible.

How did he start in his journey as a leader?

2 weeks ago we shared that he spent the first 80 years of his life (unknowingly) developing himself for that big task ahead of him.

So what was the spark that happened when he was 80 years old or so that got him going?

The bible shows that when he was out tending to sheep as a shepherd one day in the wilderness, Moses saw a burning bush. The bush was in flames but it was not burning up! His curiousity drew him closer and closer until he heard a voice speak to him from the bush. It was the voice of God!

That day he had a personal encounter with God. God called him to lead His people out of slavery, out of Egypt.

At first, Moses was unsure, he was afraid, he did not know what he needed to do, he did not know for sure if he could do what he was called to do.

Have we ever come to a point in our lives when we were given the opportunity to serve as a leader? To take the position that was left open by someone else?

If yes, how did we respond? Generally many would be afraid to take up the position. Why? Some would be unsure of one's own capability. Am I able to handle it? Will I mess up?

What do we tell ourselves? For Christian leaders, how did you react when you were first called to lead in some capacity or another? Were we eager to take on the challenge? Or were we like Moses? Finding every excuse / reason to say no?

Moses was stubborn and scared, but his encounter with God changed his life.

Dear readers, do you feel like you were given opportunities to lead? Opportunities that you cannot believe ended up being available to you to take up? I challenge you to take it up the next time an opportunity comes to you. You never know what you're going to get until you try it.

Fellow Christians, have you felt called by God to a position of leadership? What did you do about it? Are you being called now? What will you do about it?

Similarly I challenge you to do what Moses did, voice out your concerns. Then receive the assurance from God. Then, in faith follow that call. Your encounter with God will be life changing. And then you will be doing what you are called to do. Lead! And do it in obedience to God.

Think about it!

Pray about it!

See you next week!

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