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70. Leadership Secrets: 5. Moses: Sharing it around

One common complaint I hear from many leaders is " There's just so much to do! I cannot finish my work!"

Is that you?

Moses was overwhelmed as well. He had a nation of 700,000 + men and women and children to lead and there was just so much to be accomplished.

His father in law, Jethro, saw this and realised Moses was in trouble. If he doesn’t do something about it, he is going to burn out, break down, and definitely a less effective and less efficient leader than he could be.

Jethro therefore instructed Moses to appoint trusted people and delegate those functions that can be delegated, such that Moses only focus on the core work, the work that only he can do, or must do himself. The rest can be delegated.

Delegation, sharing the load, sharing the responsibility of some work items, certain projects.

Moses listened to Jethro and was then able to focus more on his leadership and relationship with God.

How about us today?

Are we holding on to too much? Do we feel that only we can do a good job? Do we trust others enough to delegate some of our work?

Do we trust others enough to be able to let go? Empower them to make certain decisions on our behalf?

One way to develop others is to start this journey of first trusting others, then delegating work, and then empowering others, and then focus on the core issues.

Can we do it?

We should… it will prevent us from burning out and help us focus on the areas where only we can influence, where others cannot, or will not.

So look at the things you are doing today.

Which items can you delegate?

Mark them down.

Who can you delegate them to?

Make a list.

Talk to them.

Tell them what they can do to help the team.

Explain to them the need for them to grow their responsibilities and for you to focus.

All the best!

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