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72. Leadership Secrets: 7. Moses: Accountability

Last week we looked at Communication, the responsibility of a leader to share with his team, his followers.

Are we doing the required communication to our team members lately?

Today we look at the last leadership secret of Moses in this series: accountability.

In a team scenario, I have heard the following: when the team succeeds, credit goes to the team. When the team fails, responsibility falls on the leader.

What do you think?

In many organisations today, the moment something goes wrong, the leader will look for the person responsible, the person to blame, the person in charge of either clearing the mess he made, or if unable to do so, to clear himself out. That leader will look around his organisation for that person. What he forgot to do was to start by looking at the mirror.

In a popular movie recently (in the past few years, I believe), the lead super hero character was reminded, "with great power comes great responsibility".

I believe that is true not only for super heroes, but to all whom were given the authority to lead.

Moses, when bringing the people of Israel through the wilderness, ran into problems. The people turned to him for guidance. They turned to him to complain. They turned to him as the source of their misery, the go-to person to solve their problems.

While Moses was not the perfect leader at all times, there are times when he showed good accountability.

In Exodus chapter 15 of the Old Testament, the people have been walking in the wilderness for 3 days without water. They were thirsty like crazy. They finally reached an Oasis, but oh no, the water was to bitter to drink.

The people turned to Moses to complain.

How did Moses respond? Did he deny responsibility? I mean, how can he be responsible for the water in the oasis being undrinkable?

He took responsibility and decided to do something. He cried out to God for help and after God provided the solution, Moses carried out what was required and the people were then able to drink and quench their thirst.

So, have you taken the blame lately? Or have you been pointing fingers at others?

Be like Moses, take the responsibility. As leaders, we are accountable.

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