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78. Leadership Secrets: 13. Final words about leadership, Moses and Joshua

We come to the end of the quarter when we will close off the discussion on leadership secrets taken from the lives of Moses and Joshua from the Old Testament of the Bible.

Here's a quick recap for Moses:

1. You need to spend a lifetime developing yourself, keeping up to date and in the know

2. You are never too old to lead

3. There is motivation, in the form of a God encounter

4. Delegate

5. Sharing your vision with your people

6. Being accountable

Here's a quick recap for Joshua:

1. Plan for a successor

2. Get assurance, the God assurance

3. Doing the work

4. Taking care of your people

5. Leaving a legacy

Which do you agree with?

Which do you not agree with?

Which are you still working on?

Until next quarter… happy developing your leadership skills!

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