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81. Public Speaking Advanced: 3. Why? The Overall Picture

The last two weeks we started off Content Creation by starting at the end. Why are we doing a speech? What kind of Conclusion should we prepare for?

Today, along the same vein, we want to look at the big picture.

Envision: what is it that you want to show your audience?

If it is a picture you are painting, what is it they will see?

If it is a song you are singing, what will they hear?

If it is a dish you are cooking, what will they be having for lunch?

If it is a skill you are teaching, what can they do at the end of your lesson?

If you are showing them the Mona Lisa, they had better see the Mona Lisa.

If you are singing Michael Jackson's hit Billie Jean, they had better hear that song.

And if you are cooking claypot chicken rice for them, they had better know it is chicken rice in a claypot.

Design your content accordingly as you have this in mind. Remember, try to cover as many senses as you can, as most people learn and retain differently.

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