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82. Public Speaking Advanced: 4. Why? Takeaways

Now that you have taken the big picture into consideration last week, now you are preparing something for each of your audience to bring home.

What is the message you want them to go home with?

Taking examples from last week.

If you are showing them the Mona Lisa, do you want them to:

  1. Appreciate the beauty of the Mona Lisa? And persuade others of the same beauty?

  2. Appreciate the skill of its painter, Leonardo Da Vinci?

  3. Be motivated to take up painting classes to enhanced their skills?

If you are singing Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, do you want them to:

  1. Take up singing lessons?

  2. Go to iTunes and buy the hit single?

  3. Remember Michael Jackson?

If you are teaching them how to cook claypot chicken rice, do you want them to:

  1. Go out and eat claypot chicken rice in a specific restaurant?

  2. Learn to cook the dish for themselves?

  3. Promote a particular shop to their friends?

What do you want as takeaways? Those should be your goals as you prepare your points/structure and also call to action.

That's all for the Why part of our series.

Next week, we will start to explore the What portion of Content Creation.

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