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83. Public Speaking Advanced: 5. What? Set the Structure

The past 4 weeks' posts focused on the Why of Content Creation.

Today we start to look at What should be done to set out the contents.

Today we look at a simple template of a structure I employ for most of the time. While it is not meant to be used for all circumstances, it is simple enough and comprehensive enough for most occasions.

My recommended structure for speeches is always as follows, a 3-point plan:

  1. Introduction

  2. Main Point 1

  3. Sub Point 1

  4. Illustration 1

  5. Main Point 2

  6. Sub Point 2

  7. Illustration 2

  8. Main Point 3

  9. Sub Point 3

  10. Illustration 3

  11. Conclusion

Once we have this in place, we need to get used to using it.

For example, you can use it as follows:

The Benefits of Learning to Play Football

  1. Introduction - Briefly describe the game

  2. Main Point 1 - What is the main benefit (Exercise)

  3. Sub Point 1 - Like how (Running, stretching etc)

  4. Illustration 1 - Someone you know whom stays fit by playing

  5. Main Point 2 - Second benefit (Make friends)

  6. Sub Point 2 - How is the benefit seen? Spend time with a group of like minded people, spend time after games etc

  7. Illustration 2 - A group you know whom are close friends

  8. Main Point 3 - Develop a hobby for personal development

  9. Sub Point 3 - How develop? Better skills, better leadership, decision making, time management etc

  10. Illustration 3 - Someone whom became a better person

  11. Conclusion - Encourage audience to take up a sport, esp football

We'll go into more details in the next few weeks.

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