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84. Public Speaking Advanced: 6. What? Foundation - Your Main Points

Last week we set out a simple structure for preparing speech content. We looked at Main Points, Sub Points and Illustrations.

Today we will focus our time on Main Points.

For want of a better number, I settled on the number 3. Try to, as much as possible, churn out 3 Main Points for any topic you need to speak on.

3 is an easy number to remember and is not too few nor too many to remember, for us or our listeners.

Always put your best point as Point 1 and your second best point as Point 3.

Let's try an exercise to break things up into threes.

How to Bake a Cake

1. Ingredients

2. Materials

3. Procedures

Benefits of Sleeping Early

1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Social

To drive or to Grab?

1. Similarities of both

2. Benefits of driving

3. Benefits of Grab

Next week, we shall see how to add sub points to support your main points. Until then, practice more….

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