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86. Public Speaking Advanced: 8. What? Facade - Illustrations

This week we look at illustrations that we can use to add life and power to your points.

My suggestion would be to have one illustration for each Main Point.

If you have time, you can also illustrate some of your key sub points.

Illustrations serve as key items in your speech to bring out your main points. To make it easier for your audience to remember your main points.

Illustrations are usually stories told with an emphasis to capture the gist of the main story.

We can usually find stories with meaning or message easily. Some sources for good illustrations can come from:

1. Own life examples

2. Other people's life examples

3. News paper / internet articles

4. Books you read

Let's see how we can use stories for some of our earlier examples.

When you are open and alert to all the potential stories around you, there are just so many illustrations to be captured, remembered and shared during your speeches

What happened today that can be entered into your journal of stories? Jot them down!

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