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87. Public Speaking Advanced: 9. What? Connect Them - Your Transitions

Last week we looked at using illustrations to spice up your speech and make it come to life.

We now have in our arsenal the Main Points, the Sub Points and the Illustrations.

How do we string them together into one smooth coherent story for the audience?

We will discuss this today.

Transitions are basic sentences / phrases used to ensure the continuity between:

1. Main Point 1 and Sub Point 1 and Illustration 1 (let's call this Group 1);

2. Group 1 and Group 2 and Group 3;

3. Introduction and Groups 1-3 and Closing.

For Group 1, some things we can say are:

a. To support my first point…. And to illustrate that, let me tell you about the time…

For Group 1 and 2 and 3, we can say:

a. My first point covered xxx, now let me share with you a second perspective….. And to round it up, this is a third perspective…

To tie up the Introduction with the Main Points and the Conclusion, we can say:

a. As I mentioned at the beginning, the main challenge is….

b. I summarise based on the 3 challenges I shared…..

c. We can therefore conclude that, as per my opening statement….

I hope these examples help a bit in helping with transitions.

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