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89. Public Speaking Advanced: 11. How? Putting it all together

Last week we crafted introductions. Now the content should be ready. Let us put it all together. What does that mean?

Check that the following is in place, based on the template:

Introduction - Is it catchy? Attention grabbing?

Main Point 1 - Is this your best point?

Sub Point 1 - Does this support your main point?

Illustration 1 - Is it clear? Interesting? Does it illustrate your first point?

Main Point 2 - Is this linked properly to your Main Point 1?

Sub Point 2 - Does this support your main point?

Illustration 2 - Does this help make your 2nd point clearer?

Main Point 3 - Is this your 2nd best point?

Sub Point 3 - Does this support your main point?

Illustration 3 - Is this memorable? This should be your last illustration?

Conclusion - Is this memorable? Remarkable? This is the last chance you have to make the case of your presentation.

Use this as a finishing checklist to tell yourself that your content is ready to be presented.

Onward, is to prepare yourself.

See you next week!

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