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90. Public Speaking Advanced: 12. How? Practising

You finalised your content last week. Now you want to internalise the content, to make it a part of you, so that when you present it, it will be from your heart and mind, not merely from your lips or on paper. How do you do that?

How do you get to know someone better? Spend time with them.

How do you get to know a speech well? Spend time with it. Practice, read, memorise, say it out loud, say it in your mind, do it many times, repeat.

  1. Speak in front of a mirror

  2. Notice your stance, your movement, your posture, your facial expressions, your gestures

  3. Try to sync your material with the rest of your body.

  4. Review yourself and how you are doing. What needs to change? What is good?

Now do the above again, but now in front of someone else, a family member, spouse, colleague, etc.

Ask for their feedback.

What can you improve? What was good to keep?

You may want to have small cards with key points noted down where you refer to as you are doing other things in the days leading up to the speech day.

Do these up to the day before the speech.

On the day of the speech itself, just review your note card.

You should be fine.

Next week, we will see what are the last things to do just before you go onstage.

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