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91. Public Speaking Advanced: 13. How? Giving all you've got

Now that we have the content all ready, and you have practised the content as much as you can, what do you still need to do on the day of the speech itself? Or right before you go on stage?

Today we will look at some of the last minute things we can do to get ready.


  1. Sleep early the night before, get plenty of rest.

  2. Keep yourself hydrated, with water, not with coffee/tea just before the speech.

  3. Keep handy a small bottle of water.

  4. Don't eat foods that can cause an upset stomach just before the speech, for e.g. curry, chilli, etc

  5. Dress well, dress comfortably.

  6. Go to the venue early.

  7. Get acquainted with the venue you will be speaking on, for e.g. the stage, the rostrum/podium, the stairs you will be using.

  8. Check and test the equipment you will be using, the microphone (wired, cordless, clip on, etc), the pointer/clicker, screen.

  9. Ensure the material you will be using, if any, is loaded onto the venue's machine and that it looks okay on the screen. Test the clicker to see that it responses well.

  10. If you have handouts, ensure the copies are sufficient and that there are people handing them out for you.

  11. If you are using a timer for yourself, ensure it is in working order.

  12. If you are not the first speaker and the program already started, move slowly and confidently to your designated seat. If there isn't any, find a place close to the front or aisle so that when you are called, it is easier for you to sidle out of your seat when you move onstage.

  13. When you are called, stand up, straighten your jacket, and move purposefully towards the stage.

Relax, the stage is yours. Go and impress the people!

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