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94. A New Year 2019: 3. Some games I used to enjoy playing

It was 1996, I was in Taylor's College.... I found a Hobby Game shop nearby that sold this collectible card game... Magic: The Gathering.

I was hooked to the max.... collecting cards, building combinations of cards to find the best deck of cards, thinking of various card combinations, the right strategies.....

Wah, got time for all that meh?

Actually, yes... while it was a time consuming passion, it was, well, a hobby. Everybody has hobbies right? They all take some measure of time and effort and money right?

This was mine and I was happy....

Fast forward a few years to the early 2000s.

The Lord of the Rings was made into movies, yay!

And a card game was made.... the Lord of the Rings Trading Card game....

This became my focus in my post studies years. As I graduated and moved on to working life, I had less and less time to play Magic, and I started collecting the Trading Cards that was birthed out of the LOTR movies. I then had one good friend whom also played this game. I was so immersed in the game (I was a LOTR book fan, whom became a LOTR movie fan, and ended being a LOTR card game fan) in the early 2000s.

I was so hooked that, during my bachelor's night, about a week before my wedding, when most bachelors go to parties and drink and dance and do all types of guys stuff, guess what I did? I stayed home with my good friend, ate pizza ordered in and played Lord of The Rings TCG, haha.

Since 2004, I stopped playing card / board games. But remember, since young, I was already very interested in games like this. (See left)

Escape from Atlantis was a game I played with my cousin while I was approx 10 years old, during Chinese New Year holidays in Penang.

After so many years, I found the latest 30th Anniversary edition and just got it for my own collection.

Are games in your history? In your blood? It is definitely in mine....

Next week I'll share with you some of the places I go in these past few months to play games with other gamers and also to check out games with my 7yo son before I invest in some games...

Til the next time, happy gaming!

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