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95. A New Year 2019: 4. Some places I go to play games with like-minded people

I usually play games with my son at home, but once in a while it is nice to go together and play in a fun environment with like minded people, in a fun and cool setting.

These are just a few places I brought my son to for a few sessions of board games and card games....

1. Just a Game Shop

In Month Kiara.... you can find them on Facebook

Played Carcassonne with my boy here

2. Vivae Board Game Cafe

In Damansara Uptown.... can also find them on Facebook

Played Ice Cool, Dobble, Cockroach Poker, Bang: The Dice Game with my son here

3. Meeples

In Subang Jaya, can also find them on Facebook

Played Ticket to Ride, Smash Up and King of Tokyo with my boy here.....

You have some favourite places to play games?

Do share some good places to go....

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