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98. A New Year 2019: 7. My favourite Days of Wonder games (Part 1)

1. Ticket to Ride

While this is not the first Days of Wonder game I bought, this is if I am not mistaken, one of the most popular games out there today, in the leagues of Catan and Pandemic etc.

In this game, you take turns taking cards to compile sets so that you can exchange card sets for the ability to build train routes across the USA. The longer the route you build, the more points you get.

Every player also starts with 3 secret goal cards, where you are asked to build specific train routes from Point A to Point B. In addition to the points you get by completing routes, you get additional bonus points when you complete the goal cards.

The person with the most points when at least one person's train tokens are finishing (1 or 2 left), is the winner.

Simple and straight forward, it teaches one to plan ahead and manage resources.

Easily picked up and played. (2-5 players)

2. Memoir '44

This is a two player World War 2 (WW2) board and miniature game where one player plays the allies and the other the axis teams. There are 16 scenarios that come in this base set where for each scenario, there is a specific set up to replicate real battles during WW2.

Players take cards and play cards to instruct their forces and roll dice to simulate battles.

There are 4 types of miniatures available in this set: infantry, tanks, artillery and blockades.

The player who manage to meet their scenario objectives of destroy the opposing player's forces wins the scenario.

The game takes an average of 30-45 minutes to play a basic scenario.

Do you like 2 player games? Do you like war games but have no time to play complicated games?

This game is a good mix, simple and fun.

3. Small World

This is a 2 - 5 player game where the players try to control territory of a small land, based in kind of a generic fantasy setting. You will choose different races (one at a time) with special powers attached to every race. Using that race, you try to control different pieces of the land. As you take turns to control different parts of the land, you will soon realise that there is not sufficient pieces of land to please everyone. You will soon then need to fight one another to expand your territory. Soon after, your race will not be enough. You will then have to put your first race in decline and continue your quest for expansion with another race. It is common for each player to employ new races two or three times in an average game.

The game is fun and funny at times. Kids will love it as there are so many races to choose from with variable powers and strengths.

Want 45 minutes of fun for 2-5 players? Try this.

(To be continued...)

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