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99. A New Year 2019: 8. My favourite Days of Wonder games (Part 2)

Today I continue talking about some of my favourite games from Days of Wonder...

4. Shadows over Camelot

This is a 2-7 player game where the players become the knights of the round table and try to protect the castle while performing quests to get victory points.

The game is multifaceted as the players cooperate to:

a. Keep the forces of evil at bay,

b. Prevent wars nearby;

c. Try to find the Holy Grail;

d. Try to defeat the Black Knight; etc

There is also an optional variant where a traitor element is included, where one of the players is a hidden traitor, and will secretly play to aim for the loss of the other knights.

Not too complicated, this game serves to give multifaceted play to you and your fellow gamers.

5. Five Tribes

This 2-4 player game has a middle eastern kind of theme in the fabled Sultanate of Naqala. The oracles foretold that whoever can manuever the FIve Tribes can gain influence over the land.

You take turns to manipulate the people in Naqala and use the powers of the Djinns to gain the most points to control the sultanate!

While the game says 13+ for age, younger kids can pick up the game too if guided by adults.


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